It’s All About The Shoe Bracelet

During Mardi Gras there are certain throws that everyone wants to catch.  One of the prized throws is the show bracelet from the Krewe of Muses.  Muses is an all female group and they are famous for their shoes.  They take old shoes decorate them and then throw them during their parade.  They also throw a multi-color shoe bracelet. That is a picture of one. Isn’t that just the cutest thing?  Well, in New Orleans local women will fight to get one of those shoe bracelets, especially before their parade.  It is a little like showing off.

I’m lucky because my neighbor Debbie Lee is a member and she makes sure that I always get the shoe bracelet.  I wear it like a badge of honor on my wrist each day.  I drive down the street with my arm out the window just so people can see the bracelet.  I have had women at stop lights ask me where they can get it. How much fun is that?

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