I Got The Pin!


Last week I got my REALTOR pin after attending the Ethics class at the New Orleans Metropolitan Association of Realtors’ office.  It is fun to see some of my class mates from when I took the Realtor class at Donaldson Education Services.

Donaldson teaches you how to pass the REALTOR test.  It’s hard and you go take the test at a site where they watch you take the test. There is a camera pointed right at you in the cubicle, making sure that you don’t cheat.  If they catch you cheating they throw you right out.  At least that is what our teacher Charlene Faller tells us. I am terrified before I go to the site. What if I can’t remember the answers, what if I forget the math formulas, what if I don’t pass.  How embarrassing would that be?  I am actually sweating.  It’s not like you can’t take the test again until you pass it, but each time you take it again, it costs $100.

I decide that I am going to pass the first time, and I study, study and study some more.  Maybe I study too much, because the first couple of questions seem too easy. I  feel better, maybe this is possible.  Then, I get to a question and my mind blanks out.  I read the question and I wonder which one of the answers should I pick because I am clueless.

I can feel the sweat forming on my forehead.  Plus, to make matters worse, I need to use the ladies room.  I can hear Charlene in my head saying that the restroom is way down the hall from the testing room and they give you 5 minutes.  Charlene describes how she wore sneakers so she could run to the restroom and get back in time.  I run to the restroom and make it back in time!

I finish the test.  I am the only person left in the room.  I push the button which tallies your score and I watch the screen for the results. The word PASS comes up.  I jump up and do the victory dance just like in the Rocky movie.  I could care less what the test watchers think.  I Pass!

I get the official pieces of paper that show my scores and I can now move forward in this thing called Real Estate.  I drive to the Donaldson School to share my victory with my teacher Charlene.  I walk down the center of the room with my arms up in the air and announce that I pass the test.

I tell this story to my classmate who is right beside me in our New Member Orientation and Ethics class.  We both put on our REALTOR pins and celebrate our new beginning.







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