Trash Cans Anyone?


Saturday is when it starts.  That is one of our trash collection days in Uptown New Orleans.

We put out our trashcans on Wednesdays and Saturdays. If you don’t put them out then you have to wait till the next time the big green trucks roll.  You can call and schedule special pickups for large items, but I find that cash in hand helps when you want it to out of the way right at that very moment.  It’s a tip…to insure promptness.

 Then, suddenly something changes.  After picking up our trash,  Richard’s Disposal picks up our trash cans and sweeps them away and leaves us with no trashcans. Surely, there is some kind of plan to give us something else. 

 The next thing you know neighbors are talking to one  another about trash cans.  Neighbors are writing into our neighborhood association asking where their trash cans are. Neighbors respond back about what is happening.  They ask who they can call about their trashcans.  I call the number given out, the mailbox is full.   Neighbors comment about how they can’t leave a message that they miss their trashcan  and when will they get it back. 

A woman comments about the $24 per month fee for the trashcan. In the middle of the trashcan discussions, a woman throws in commentary about neighbors leaving dog poop behind when they walk their dog.

I start to laugh about the absurdity of the anxiety created by a lack of a trashcan.

Monday arrives and I hear a truck and lots of noise.  The new trashcans are being delivered.  My house is at an intersection, one side faces one street and one side faces another street.  Today is Audubon Street day, and my street is tomorrow. I state with great authority that my house faces Audubon Street and that I should get my trashcan TODAY.

The man attempts to explain and then decides to do this whole thing easy and hands over my new shiny plastic trashcan. A truly monumental Monday.

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