Trash Cans Anyone?


Saturday is when it starts.  That is one of our trash collection days in Uptown New Orleans.

We put out our trashcans on Wednesdays and Saturdays. If you don’t put them out then you have to wait till the next time the big green trucks roll.  You can call and schedule special pickups for large items, but I find that cash in hand helps when you want it to out of the way right at that very moment.  It’s a tip…to insure promptness.

 Then, suddenly something changes.  After picking up our trash,  Richard’s Disposal picks up our trash cans and sweeps them away and leaves us with no trashcans. Surely, there is some kind of plan to give us something else. 

 The next thing you know neighbors are talking to one  another about trash cans.  Neighbors are writing into our neighborhood association asking where their trash cans are. Neighbors respond back about what is happening.  They ask who they can call about their trashcans.  I call the number given out, the mailbox is full.   Neighbors comment about how they can’t leave a message that they miss their trashcan  and when will they get it back. 

A woman comments about the $24 per month fee for the trashcan. In the middle of the trashcan discussions, a woman throws in commentary about neighbors leaving dog poop behind when they walk their dog.

I start to laugh about the absurdity of the anxiety created by a lack of a trashcan.

Monday arrives and I hear a truck and lots of noise.  The new trashcans are being delivered.  My house is at an intersection, one side faces one street and one side faces another street.  Today is Audubon Street day, and my street is tomorrow. I state with great authority that my house faces Audubon Street and that I should get my trashcan TODAY.

The man attempts to explain and then decides to do this whole thing easy and hands over my new shiny plastic trashcan. A truly monumental Monday.

French Quarter Festival 2017

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French Quarter Festival 2017

The World’s Largest Free Music Experience is right around the corner.  April 6-9 marks the 37th year of the French Quarter Festival. The Festival is a four-day music event that takes place in numerous locations throughout the French Quarter.  The weather in New Orleans is usually perfect, not too hot or humid!

You can stroll throughout the French Quarter and listen to one of over 1700 musician who play on 23 stages in the streets.  That equates to about 400 hours of music.  Wear a hat,  comfortable shoes, bring a portable chair,  buy a cocktail and enjoy all the music.  There will be lots of New Orleans vendors on hand incase you wish to sample some of our famous food.  In order to keep the festival Free, outside food and beverages are prohibited.

Parking can be challenging, so take the street car or run the RTA bus and make your life easier. Almost all of the French Quarter is handicapped accessible.  The Festival gives out an event brochure which shows you a map with all the various stage locations and special events which take place the entire extended weekend.  There is also a map on their website that you can download and print.

The crowd at the French Quarter Festival ranges from families with children to people getting their groove on. For more information just click on the link at the top of this post.


It’s All About The Shoe Bracelet

During Mardi Gras there are certain throws that everyone wants to catch.  One of the prized throws is the show bracelet from the Krewe of Muses.  Muses is an all female group and they are famous for their shoes.  They take old shoes decorate them and then throw them during their parade.  They also throw a multi-color shoe bracelet. That is a picture of one. Isn’t that just the cutest thing?  Well, in New Orleans local women will fight to get one of those shoe bracelets, especially before their parade.  It is a little like showing off.

I’m lucky because my neighbor Debbie Lee is a member and she makes sure that I always get the shoe bracelet.  I wear it like a badge of honor on my wrist each day.  I drive down the street with my arm out the window just so people can see the bracelet.  I have had women at stop lights ask me where they can get it. How much fun is that?